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At Ezibucks, we strive to uncomplicated money matters. Why struggle with a heavy wallet full of coins, notes, credit, and debit cards when the entire world is moving towards digitization. When businesses are being carried online, why pay offline. Ezibucks is a simple, easy-to-use and highly secure alternative to make financial transactions.

Our primary goal is to empower businesses and individuals make transaction in new and powerful ways that are supported on multiple channels. From online payments to in person transactions, Ezibucks is all about leveraging technology to provide easy global payment solutions.

In addition to rendering flexibility and enhancing security when it comes to managing and moving money, Ezibucks also enables users evaluate their expenditures and budget accordingly, simply through a our app.

Why choose Ezibucks


Security is the prime concern of every individual when it comes to transacting money online. Ezibucks addresses this concern by protecting your data with a passcode or fingerprint. We strive to keep our users financial information safe by offering 24/7 fraud monitoring that covers all verified unauthorized transactions.


Relive yourself the stress and hassle of online transactions by connecting your bank account with Ezibucks. Then easily send or receive money through your phone number, email or sharing your public key with your contacts. A few clicks and it’s done!


Tired of having to enter all your financial information time and again for a simple online purchase or sending money? Speed up the transactions with the help of Ezibucks that is designed to make your online transactions as smooth and as easy as possible.


Whether you need to deposit to your Ezibucks wallet or withdraw from your Ezibucks wallet or offer an easy and secure global payment solution to your customers;Ezibucks is the answer. It’s free to sign up; available on multiple platforms; easy to set up and super convenient to use.


Ezibucks rewards are the icing on the cake. Become a Ezibucks affiliate, recommend it to your friends and family members and we will treat you with special offers and exclusive discounts, which means you can get more for your money.

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