Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Ezibucks platform ensures that our customers using our services or any individual visiting our website enjoy highly encrypted security for their personal information. Any use of information provided by our users will be done according to our terms and condition of our Privacy Policy.




1. Personal Information

For customers who are or will use our services will be required to provide personal information, to reduce theft and fraud. This personal information may include bank account information (not obliged), name details, or any other data.


2. IP Address

Our website uses several tools to gather and analyze information from visitors using our website. Internet Protocol Address includes data like the location of your computer or any other device used to access our website. Other information may include time of visiting our website, pages accessed through our website, customer behavior, period, and other matters. This information will automatically be recorded and used for analyses of our website’s performance and to make user’s visit friendlier.


3. Cookies

The small text files present sent by the website are known as cookies. By saving the cookies from the user’s browser, our website will be able to recognize the user on their next visit. Such cookies are generally stored on your computer and make the browsing experience, faster. The session cookies are a temporary form of cookies that will be stored on your hard disk until the user of the website. The persistent cookie stays in your hard disk until they are removed or their lifetime expiration date has reached. Our website will notify you, whether you want to use a cookie or reject it.


4. Contact us data

If a visitor or customer chooses to contact our services, then we will receive their personal information like full name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and more. We use this data to store your record in our database and provide you the information you require. We can also provide you different information along with the required one for our direct marketing and other strategies.

We can also record your conversation held via phone or electronic transition, to improve our products and provide you with better service.


5. Opening of Account

If you want to open an account with QuickerPay, your personal information like full name, email address, residential address, and other data is required. To open your business account, you will be required to provide additional information like documents of your company and proving its legitimacy.


6. Survey

We may require our visitors or customers to conduct a survey that will collect demographic and identity of the user. This is done to identify the requirements of the visitor and make their experience more glorified.


7. Account Security

To check the security of your account, our customer care might ask you information. Data like personal bank account details (not obliged) might be required to process your transactions. If you request a new password, we will need the details of your administering account, to avoid situations like fraud, theft, or hacking.

To provide your account against any fraud, we cross-check information provided to us and use this to provide you security while using our services. Our staff has access to any personal information submitted to us, to swiftly and efficiently solve your issues. A registered QuickerPay customer can view other registered QuickerPay customer’s name, account type, and email address.


8. Transaction Information

While the QuickerPay user is receiving and sending money, a record of all the transactions is kept within our database. This information is only provided to the user in case of a disclosing request and is not shared with anyone registered with QuickerPay.


9. Third Party Information

All the information provided by the visitor or user of our website will never be disclosed to any third party. Third parties can be involved in cases where your business account is receiving or sending large amounts of money periodically. In such cases, third parties like credit bureau or business information services can be involved.

We reserve the right to view and analyze your transaction history and close any account that is related to theft or fraud.



The personal information collected from the visitor or customer will be used for the following purpose:

  1. Enhancing the performance of the website and our services.
  2. Marketing and promotion of our content.
  3. Analysis, assessment, research, improvement, and use of our services.
  4. To protect registered QuickerPay users from illegal activities from unauthorized users.
  5. Prevention of money laundering, terrorism, and other illegal activities.