Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


This page includes the agreement made between You and Ezibucks regarding the opening, use, and closing of your eWallet, or anything related to your eWallet. We strongly advise you to review the following terms and condition and contact us in case of any queries.

  1. By registering your eWallet with Ezibucks, you are confirming your compliance with our terms and condition. You are also agreeing to all the terms and condition set out regarding the charges of our services.
  2. All communication between You and Ezibucks will be done in English language. Translation of this terms and condition document will only be done for informational purpose.


Changes in Terms and Condition

  1. We make change the terms and conditions listed in this document any time. We will update you about the same by sending you a copy via e-mail within 2 months of the proposed copy.
  2. You reserve the right to decline the latest terms and condition. Any disagreement while accepting the new terms and condition will result in termination of this agreement with You.
  3. We may consider making changes in the agreement due to the following reasons:
    • The change is favoring You.
    • Reflect a change in the relevant regulation or law in Your business’s industry.
    • Enhance security of our services.
    • Make agreement clearer.
    • Reflect changes in Our procedures.
    • Reflect changes in the service cost provided by Us.
    • Increase or decrease Our charges to improve our services.


Your Representation

  1. You’re legally competent and are 18 years or above. We reserve the right to ask for additional information as proof of your age.
  2. By registering with Ezibucks, you’re agreeing that your country allows the use of eWallet.
  3. You’re not acting on behalf of another person and your account is administered by You. We reserve to suspend or terminate any account with suspicious activity.
  4. In case a third party is using your account under your agreement, any handling or action taken on the account will be considered your role.
  5. We have strict anti money laundering and terrorism rules. To avoid such frauds and thefts, you will be required to provide addition identification and verification information.
  6. You will take your money from legit sources. Your Funds
  7. Any funds received by Ezibucks will be submitted into the registered user’s account.
  8. No interests will incur on your funds while they are submitted in Ezibucks account.


Your Ezibucks eWallet

  1. You can electronically save and redeem electronic money for transactions within Ezibucks users or third party.
  2. You can use Ezibucks eWallet to accept electronic money from Merchants.
  3. No one other than You will have any right on the electronic money saved in your eWallet.
  4. You can only submit one application for opening of your account with Ezibucks.
  5. We reserve all the rights to decline your application due to any reason or violation of the agreement.
  6. We can carry out the maintenance of our website anytime.


Opening Ezibucks eWallet

  1. The process of opening Ezibucks wallet is only available on our website.
  2. You have to register with Ezibucks to use our eWallet services. After registration, we, depending upon the time taken to verify your provided details, will activate your eWallet.
  3. You must provide all truthful information and keep us updated about any changes from time to time.
  4. After your eWallet is successfully activated, you will load your eWallet and start using it for transaction.
  5. You will be able to see a detailed list of all the transactions made from your eWallet via our online portal. If there are any irregularities in your transaction history, you can report this immediately to us.
  6. You must keep your login details safe and protected, to avoid any fraud and theft.
  7. You must select a difficult and not-so-easy password for your eWallet. In case your details are stolen, you must immediately notify Ezibucks via our customer services.


Using Ezibucks eWallet

  1. You can transfer money using your eWallet through our online portal by using your login details. We may ask for additional security answers before making the final call.
  2. If your recipient wants to send back money using Ezibucks, they must be registered with our services.
  3. Transaction time may be subjected to security and legal requirements. You will be charged an application fee including service fee and currency conversion charges.
  4. You can receive money from any authorized Ezibucks user and it will be saved in your eWallet for withdrawl. The transaction will be kept as a record in the history.
  5. If your eWallet is in negative balance, due to applicable charges, the amount will be revered to Ezibucks.


Forbidden Activities

  1. Activities like narcotic, hallucinogenic drugs, tobacco, smoking products, used cosmetics, malicious software, weapons, perishable goods, and personal data of individual is prohibited from the system.
  2. Fraud, theft, and money laundering is prohibited.
  3. If you’re residing in high-risk area and jurisdiction, you should avoid using our services.
  4. We reserve the right to hold, reverse, or terminate your transaction if any violation of our agreement is proven to be true.
  5. For business users, you can only receive and send money from entities for sale of services and goods.


Completion of Transaction

  1. Your transaction will only be completed after your authorization and consent, confirming the order of such goods or services.
  2. Unless law restricts us, we will execute your transaction on the same day we receive it.
  3. Your transaction will be sent only if sufficient funds are available in your eWallet.
  4. We will notify you immediately, if we refuse to process a transaction due to any reason.
  5. Your money will be returned to your account once we approve the transaction.
  6. If you have negative balance on your eWallet, we will recover it while giving the transaction back to your account.
  7. You will be provided with details of transaction, fees applied, date of execution, and balance remaining in your eWallet.